TENANT Resources

Keys & Locks

At the commencement of the tenancy Aqua Rentals will provide one or more full sets of keys for the property. 

We will have recorded the keys issued by taking and storing a photocopy image of the actual set/s provided and the tenant will sign them out.

As the managing agents, Aqua Rentals retain one or more sets of keys. These are secured inside a secure ‘Key Safe’ and coded with a number only in case they fall into the hands of anyone not authorised to hold them. By adopting this method there is no way of linking keys to the relevant rented property as the tenant’s safety and security is paramount.


Making copies of the keys:

The tenant may make copies of the keys at their own expense provided that at upon vacating the home, any such keys are made available to Aqua Rentals along with the original set/s.


Key tags:

Please refrain from labelling keys with the address of the property. If the key or keys must be labelled, please use a code or attach a tag that only you will recognise so that should the key be lost or stolen, your security will be a lower risk as will be the case for those who follow you as occupants. 


Maintaining locks:

Lubricate locks only by using graphite powder. 

Commonly available from hardware shops, locksmiths and many other retail outlets, graphite powder is usually dispensed from a small plastic puffer bottle, typically you will find it to be very inexpensive and likely it last you for many years. 

When a lock is proving troublesome, place the fine end of the puffer’s nozzle into the empty key hole, puff the dispenser several times so that a liberal amount of the dry grey graphite powder flows into the void of the key hole, remove the graphite bottle nozzle and place the key into the key hole and rotate the barrel or mechanism back and fourth several times by turning the key. This should free up the lock mechanism and make it much easier to operate.

If this does not work and if the lock is seizing or difficult to turn, please contact the property manager to report it as a maintenance issue. 

Please do not under any circumstances lubricate the home’s locks with any type of oil or spray lubricants such as WD40, RP7 etc. as these and other products will cause damage to the lock and likely stain the surrounding materials. The resulting cleaning and maintenance may affect your bond. 


Changing locks:

Prior to changing locks, re-keying existing locks or installing any additional locks to the premises, the tenant must first seek the permission of the landlord to do so via the responsible property manager.

If permission is granted, except for padlocks, copies of the relevant keys will be required to be lodged at our office for safekeeping. Only in exceptional circumstances will this requirement be relaxed.


Lost and misplaced keys:

It is not uncommon for a tenant to either misplace their keys or as we find more often; lock their keys inside the property.

It is advisable to make a copy of the key or keys critical for access to the home and leave them with a trusted friend or relations so that in case of such an emergency the tenant can gain access without incurring further inconvenience and cost.


During business hours:

While our office is open during office hours, acquiring a spare key is simply a matter of contacting us and collecting the key/s and returning them by close of business the following business day once new copies are made (to replace those lost or misplaced) or access is gained to recover the keys still in your possession. There is no cost associated with this service.


Outside of normal business hours:

There is no guarantee that we will be able to assist and if we can, a call out fee will apply. 

First we require that you call the office number that will then automatically divert to the out of hours duty emergency contact. If there is no answer, leave a message detailing your address, name and phone number, then to back up the process call your property manager and speak with them. If they are able to answer, leave a message and immediately send a text them to inform them of your circumstances.

As soon as we are able, we will get back to you and if possible, we will arrange to provide you with sufficient keys.

An after hours service fee applies if the keys are collected from the office of if we are required to deliver the keys to an address.

It is anticipated that the service fee be paid at the time of collection/delivery of the keys or later the same day.

Alternatively a tenant may arrange their own locksmith to attend the property at the tenant’s own expense.

Any damage done to the property in the course of the tenant gaining access must be advised to the property manager at the earliest possible time.

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