Building tight-knit relationships with landlords

The Aqua Rentals Property Management Team carries out our duties with diligence and respect.

What we do for our landlords

  • Premium level marketing designed to generate maximum enquires and quality applications.
  • Rigorous tenant screening.
  • Comprehensive (incl. photos) ingoing inspections reports provided to both owners and tenants.
  • Detailed recommendations and diligent follow-up on maintenance - designed to retain and improve the appeal of and return from the property.
  • Access to our trades for the purpose of maintenance and improvements.
  • Timely and assertive follow-up on outstanding monies and other general issues.
  • Online accessibility to
  • The benefit of real estate and property management experience totalling over 75 years under our roof.
  • We are small enough to be personal, large enough to be highly effective and mature enough to care.

Allow us the privilege of caring for you and your investment.

How we validate that we care

The Aqua Rentals Property Management Team carries out our duties with diligence and respect.

We are proud of our low vacancy rate and we work to inspire client testimonials.

Our availability is willingly well above the current industry standards. After hours even our office phone is redirected to an individual team member rather than a frustrating recorded message saying ‘call back 9-5’.

Drop in and allow us to make you welcome in our seaside home.

“I could not be more happy with the communication & service I have received from Aqua Property Management. After much research I decided to move my entire portfolio over (from another very well know agency). The difference was immediate, nothing was too much trouble. I now have happy long term tenants who all pay on time. Thank you.”


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