TENANT Resources

Reporting Maintenance

Please follow our guidelines below before ringing out of hours for urgent maintenance. 

Please note that in the event of urgent repairs being required, we cannot guarantee attendance by a contractor on the day of notification.


As the tenant, under your tenancy agreement you are not permitted to undertake or authorise maintenance or any other work on the property no matter how urgent. By doing so, you will have incurred the associated costs, which may not be recovered from the landlord, and you will be risking incurring further expenses should the work result in damage to the property. 

Both urgent and non-urgent matters, almost without exception, require the approval of the landlord before being attended to. Where the landlord cannot be contacted or if the landlord instructs us so, the matter will be dealt with on next business day. This can prove a little frustrating for a tenant however we ask for your patience and understanding as the extent of authorisations the speed of resolution is frequently beyond our control.


After hours urgent matters.

Urgent matters include only those issues that put the tenant, tenants possession or property itself at physical risk.


Reporting procedure.

If the maintenance or repairs are urgent and to be reported out of business hours, please call the office number (08 8449 3300) via which you will be transferred to our out of hour’s line. If there is no answer, please leave a message, which must include your name, address, contact number and the nature or specifics of the issue. 

To back up this message you should also try to call your property manager on his or her mobile number. If there is no answer, leave a voice mail and also send a text message advising of the issue. 

We want to be of service and will endeavour to contact you at our earliest opportunity. 


Serious damage.

In the event of serious storm damage, inundation or similar events, please ring the State Emergency Service – SES on 13 25 00 and contact your Property Manager or the office as above. 


Response times.

Please be aware that while some issues my cause substantial inconvenience to the tenant extending for several hours and sometimes into days. The practicalities of finding a qualified tradesperson and the disproportionate cost of after hours services together with the availability and instructions of the landlord, regrettably, will on occasion lead to the tenant’s discomfort, inconvenience and disappointment particularly where the issues that are no doubt important to the tenant do not meet the criteria as being; ‘After hours urgent’.


Non-urgent matters.

For all other non-urgent maintenance issues we ask that in the first instance you email your property manager with as much detail as possible and where possible and helpful in accurately informing us of the nature of the problem, please include photos. 


No Hot Water

Extinguished pilot lights are often blown out by wind and efficiently resolved by the tenant following the lighting instructions. Where this won’t resolve the issue or the system is electric, please phone your Property Manager or the office as soon as you are aware of the problem. 


No Electricity

Check the fuse box for a blown or tripped fuse as it could be one of your appliances that is faulty and tripping the circuit. For example your kettle or hair dryer or a phone charger may be causing the issue. 

If the power can be switched on but keeps tripping or blowing a fuse, you can check the source of the problem by process of elimination. Turn all your appliances off and then back on one appliance on at a time. When the fuse/circuit breaker blows or trips you will have identified the issue with either the appliance or power point. Switch power points to narrow down the source of the issue. 

If you cannot restore power at all, before contacting the property manger please check SA Power network website or for any information on local outages: https://www.sapowernetworks.com.au/outages/what-to-do-when-the-power-goes-out/  

If there is still no electricity and no explanation for the outage, please contact your Property Manager or the office.


Blocked Drain/Sewer

While there may be real issues to be dealt with drainage system adhering to guidelines and recommendations for what enters the drainage system frequently prevents such incidences.

The list of items not suitable for the sewerage and or stormwater systems include but are not limited to:

  • plastics
  • motor oils, paints or pesticides
  • non-biodegradable products
  • fats, oils or food scraps
  • cotton buds, nappies, condoms,  sanitary products and wrappers
  • medicines
  • wet wipes and facial tissues


When an incident does occur, please do not attempt to clear blockage by hosing, flushing etc. This may worsen the situation and do not call a plumber and or authorise any work.  Please contact your Property Manager or the office. 

If there is a blocked toilet and you have more than one in the property, please email through and we will attend to this on or by the next business day.


Burst Water Pipe

Prior to contacting your property manager or calling our office, shut off the water supply at the meter or if in a unit, locate the isolation tap and turn it off.


Broken Glass

If possible, immediately secure the area and contact the property manager.  We will elevate the issue as required however it may not be dealt with until the next business day.


Break in

Ring Police on 131 444. Do not disturb the scene until Police are finished their investigation of the scene. If property is not secure, contact your Property Manager or the office.  Always retain Police report number and advise Property Manager next business day as an any insurance claim arising from the incident will require this information.


Process of Repair 

Once we have received all information we then make contact with the owner to seek instruction to produce a work order and make repairs. The trades will then contact you directly for access when available.


Our trades people.

In order to make their way onto our list of preferred trades people, those requiring licences for the work they undertake are checked for their compliance and for all work we only use those who maintain an ABN (Australian Business Number).

We are always interested in feedback on the quality of work, their punctuality and efficiency as well as how they show respect for the tenant, the landlord and the property. Please contact us with any concerns as this assists us in maintaining our list to the highest standards. 


The Role of the Property Manager.

To be clear; the property manager’s client is the Landlord and by law, unless we receive instructions that are illegal, we are duty bound to follow the instructions of the landlord.

It can be the case that there is a difference of opinion between the landlord and the tenant about the response to the incident. Please understand that as the property managers we do not make the Landlord’s decision on what the response is to be and if and when the arising actions are to be taken.

If we receive instruction that are different to the resolution the tenant would prefer, we never have the luxury of conveying to the tenant our private advice and recommendation made to the landlord. Accordingly, when discussing such issues with you the tenant, you may be speaking with someone who agrees with your perspective but can never say so simply because we always act on instructions.

Again reminding you – all maintenance must be authorised through our office.

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