Respecting boundaries & relationships

To establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between tenant, landlord and the property managers, requires a healthy dose of empathy. As property managers we prefer to listen before we speak, we seek your perspective, we pass that on to the owner and we look for balanced, effective and timely solutions.

Well-tested and documented procedures define and support our service standards, however it’s the fact that we care and our respect for all parties that drives our behaviour.

We understand that a tenant’s comfort and safety is paramount. It’s often stressful and inconvenient when a plumbing or electrical issue is raises its head and all the more so if its taking longer to attend to than would be the case if you owned the home you currently rent.

No property manager or company can provide any guarantees or KPI’s on response times on such issues as these are most often beyond our control but they are within our influence. If you are a good tenant we want to keep you as it can be hard to find another.

That is why we remain proactive in resolving issues, that is why we act on any issue and continually follow up until it’s resolved.

Most tenants understand that we are not in control of all decisions. Most often the landlord directs our actions and time frames. Empathy for your property manager’s often unenviable position of being the ‘meat in the sandwich’ is a good place to start and for our part caring about retaining you as a tenant and our empathy for you is key to the health of our business relationship and in the interest of all parties.

“We’re not distracted by Sales Division, our prime focus is Property Management and building great relationships with Clients and Tenants.”


Founder of Aqua Rentals

Helpful resources for tenants & landlords

Here you will find the power of knowledge and resources. Designed to be easily consumed by the reader our growing inventory of documents, videos, valuable services and useful information is here for the enduring and increasing benefit of landlord, tenant and future clients.

Keys & Locks

By adopting this method there is no way of linking keys to the relevant rented property as the tenant’s safety and security is paramount.

Bonds Refund Process

The advice here is provided to help the tenant understand the process so that their money is refunded at the earliest time.

Reporting Maintenance

Please follow our guidelines below before ringing out of hours for urgent maintenance.